What’s for Breakfast?

I’m a breakfast eater. Always have been. Just like we’ve read in numerous articles, breakfast in a very important meal. Personally, I don’t  function in the morning without first nourishing my body. The longer I live (translation, the older I get), the more I notice how the way I eat affects how I feel and how well my body functions. Here’s a typical morning meal for me (Oh dear, I’ve become one of those people who writes about what they eat!) But in the interest of sharing what I believe to be “healthy lifestyle choices”, here goes!

First things, first. Down goes the thyroid pill, a medication I started taking about 6 years ago when at my annual physical, blood tests showed a slight deviation in my TSH levels (the doctor assured me that many women in my age range have hypothyroidism) – and that fatigue and sluggishness could be alleviated by modern medicine!  Step two,  race my Havanese , Dash downstairs to let him out before he chooses the indoor option.. If he’s a good boy, he gets a treat (Cooper too, he’s my well trained Golden Retriever). Okay, dogs are set!

Next, Coffee! With a splash of French vanilla creamer (because, studies have proven that fat is an essential part of your diet). Also, many articles report that research supports the benefits of coffee before exercising (better workouts) and even in the prevention of cognitive decline (amen). So we are good with the coffee. I’m actually a relative newcomer, having switched from morning tea to coffee about 8 years ago. The original caffeine boost I felt as a newbie has subsided but I’m still a believer! Long live the latte!

Now  we progress to the  food! One of my favorite breakfasts consists of Greek yogurt (2% Faje, unsweetened), bear naked granola and fresh or frozen berries. Protein, not a lot of sugar and anti-oxidants in the berries. Also tastes like dessert! I’ve tried to reduce the amount of processed sugar in my diet although I definitely have a sweet tooth (thanks dad). I find that eating less sugar and making sure I have some protein reduces cravings and blood sugar crashes later. I’m also a fan of steel cut oatmeal with berries, some flax seeds or chia or walnuts. These are good sources of omega 3 which is good for our hearts and skin. If I’m craving cold cereal, I have special K protein with unsweetened almond milk. My favorite hotel breakfast is a veggie omelet with goat or feta cheese, toast and some of those yummy breakfast potatoes! Not a big juice drinker since it is a straight shot of sugar and leaves me hungrier. There are lots of quick, healthy, power packed breakfast options; eggs and avocado on whole wheat toast, peanut butter toast, even egg mcmuffins get a decent grade from many nutritionists. Who’da thought?

So there you have it. My breakfast of champions for everyday fueling. Gets me through my workout or whatever the workday brings. What’s your favorite morning nosh?

next week I will be be attending a “medicinal foods” lecture. I’ll report back and let you know what’s up with that!

Breakfast ingredients for yogurt parfait


2 thoughts on “What’s for Breakfast?

  1. I have almost the same thing but change out the Fage (loved it until I found out I was Lactose intolerant) for Nancy’s plain Soy yogurt. It’s not Fage, but if you also add a tablespoon of goji berries (dried) and a sprinkle on organic cinnamon. It’s not bad either. Bill

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