The Joy of the Weekend Getaway..

I love vacations and recommend them to everyone. Who doesn’t love a relaxing getaway to a beautiful locale.. the beach, the desert, the mountains, Europe or whatever floats your boat. Time away from the stresses of career, school, house and yard work and other various and sundry responsibilities. Unfortunately, unless one has unlimited time and money,  it’s not  always feasible […]

Mama Bear Visits..

I have a 23 year old daughter – which is hard to believe since, like the old cliché goes, it seems like yesterday I was taking her to kindergarten. Actually what really seems like yesterday was moving her into the college dormitory. But that was almost 5 years ago and now we’re talking about jobs and […]

Just One of the Guys?

For every tough as nails businessman, there is an equally hard-ass businesswomen. The difference is, she’ll also make sure you have a ride to the show.