Welcome to the MiddleMind…

imageBack in 2013, I completed my 5th decade on earth. Technically, that means I turned 50. As seen in the above photo, I enjoyed my celebration and have embraced this new decade and all that it has brought forth into my life. You see, I’ve never had an issue with age. I’ve never felt the need to lie about my age, pretend I’m younger (or older?) than I am, or otherwise have any issues with the age I currently inhabit.
When I was 4, I started Kindergarten (the cut off month was December back then and people did not typically hold their kids back), When I was 17, I started college. I graduated at 21, got married at 27, had my first child at 28, my second at 32. My brother died in a plane crash when I was 28 (he was 34), I’ve had several friends and acquaintances die in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s from various illnesses and catastrophes; cancer, plane crashes (we know a lot of pilots), mysterious illnesses, brain aneurisms (2), and on and on. So, I embrace getting older.  It’s a gift you cannot always count on. Just today, I found out a guy I went to high school with died in a car crash (age 52) – leaving behind a wife and two children, countless friends and family, shocked and questioning how these things can happen.
But I digress.. Welcome to my blog. My long overdue therapeutic writing outlet. Although I’ve always loved to write and kept countless journals growing up and into my twenties, that all went by the wayside as life progressed. I kept articles and ideas for books in my head. I write press releases and ad copy in my “real job” and occasional Facebook posts about my elderly parents that seem to get a lot of likes. Then, one day, inspired by a younger friend (Hat) who started a blog while raising two young boys, I thought, if not now, when? And here we are.
The name I chose – “MiddleMind” (changed to Midlife Musings in 2022 to match my News-Gazette column) came to me as I was noodling around with ideas about what defines me. I am the quintessential “middle” – a middle child, a Libra (balanced scales), currently “middle aged”, living in the “midwest”, prefer “moderation” in all pursuits including, but not limited to: Exercise (not too much, but a healthy amount to challenge the body and mind), Work (part time!), Diet (Eat healthy and in moderation), Politics (yes, I have a party, but don’t pigeonhole me to all their ideals), Religion (cafeteria Catholic with a newfound respect for meditation), Emotions (I consider myself pretty even keeled – no more pesky hormonal swings), and launching adult kids while watching my parents age… and you get the picture.
My plan for this blog is to share information, knowledge and ideas related to (mostly) navigating life at this particular age range and thriving! Exercise, health maintenance (physical and mental), Making time for yourself (yes, it’s OKAY to get weekly massages!), the importance and amazing gift of friendships! Putting yourself out there (it’s okay to have an opinion and defend it), saying “yes” to new and scary things (dancing competitions, public speaking, teaching yoga to college athletes younger than your children) and advocating for causes and choices that affect those you love! Stay tuned and I hope by sharing some of my experiences, we can be brave and make this time of our lives the most amazing!

Here’s to thriving in the middle years!


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