Allow Yourself The Gift of Creating

We are all creative beings.. some may be more than others, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all driven at times to just “make something”. Something beautiful to look at, compelling to read, delicious to eat or a song to listen to. The question is, are we brave enough to silence the inner critic?  Do we have enough self compassion to make time and encourage our inner artist?79EB8983-67A3-4ED4-90A4-B67F2A85AA70

For me, it’s writing – and also baking (I’ve been know to experiment with all kinds of ingredients in the quest to bake a better and healthier muffin) and even coming up with new sequences for my exercise classes (turns out that there are endless ways to work your fitness).

Creativity can be anything you want it to be and is often the lifeline to joy and inner peace.  There’s always that feeling of fulfillment, not in a boastful way, but in a way that makes you feel content with your world. In the way that allows us to let our guard down, relax and really breathe. In the way that makes us feel our authentic and unique selves.

If you are wondering what prompted this blog post, here it is; 
I haven’t been writing much over the past several months. I seem to have no lack of ideas or opinions, just no motivation to put them to words. Then I came across a podcast on creativity by the writer Elizabeth Gilbert on my calm app.  I am a huge Liz Gilbert fan, and not just of her novels. I admire her outspokenness, her generosity and her ability to encourage other’s creative pursuits. After listening to the hour long lesson, I allowed myself the the time to write this blog. I also started re-reading her book “Big Magic” which is an ode to creativity in all of us.

Like Liz says, it doesn’t matter how many people read your words, or listen to your music, or whether or not it’s even any good. What matters is that you spent your time doing something you were made to do. You improved the universe with your creation and you fed your soul.

I encourage those of you who are so graciously reading this to do the same. Be brave and create!




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