Facing Down the Winter Doldrums…

It’s the end of February… Spring is on its way. And yet.. the long winter months, briefly punctuated by a sunny getaway, and always the promise of warmer months to come, still get me down. I’m not typically a low energy person. I strive to stay positive by any means possible. I exercise, I get together with friends, I spend time with family, read uplifting articles, treat myself to pedicures and massages.. but like most, I suspect, I succumb to the winter doldrums for which there are only so many ways to avoid.. And so I roll with it. I allow myself to have blah days.. blah moods, binge watch TV shows, read entire books in a weekend, shop online, eat chocolate.. and march on with the hopes of a sunnier day and a sunnier disposition.

I have lived in sunnier climes, having attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and and spent two years each in Palm Springs, California and Vail, Colorado. Living in areas of such natural beauty and splendor had it’s benefits, but like anything in abundance, it was easy to take for granted. The mountains never lost their awe inspiring beauty, but having them as a daily backdrop didn’t have the same effect as taking a much needed vacation and basking in their glory. Living in Palm Springs solved the winter problem but the summers were brutal. Living in a ski-resort as a “local” was not the same as visiting said resort and experiencing all the luxuries as a tourist.

We tend to covet what is rare to us.. and for a midwesterner, that is mountains, beaches, blue skies and warm winters.

But there are benefits of living in colder climates too.. Growing up in the midwest gave me an appreciation for the seasons, the newness of Spring after a long Winter, the reprieve of crisp Fall days after a hot, humid August. For the wonder of a white Christmas.. and for that I tolerate the Winter doldrums.. I look forward to Winter vacations, Spring breaks and when I reach retirement age, the coveted snowbird lifestyle.

Spring is on it’s way and will soon wash away the winter doldrums but, oh how I wish those warm sunny days would get here sooner!


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