Ageless Dressing or Dressing Your Age?


So there I was.. browsing the clothing racks at a well known boutique chain at the local mall. I was really just hoping to find some cute tops and a few pairs of pants that would make me feel better about my problem areas.. And let me assure you – as the years go by, everyone, regardless of how much we exercise and diet, has problem areas.

Let me start by saying that I don’t expect to have the same body I had at 25, or 35 or okay even 40.. but the past few years have ushered in some body changes that are just plain baffling.. Arm cellulite. Saggy knees. Crepey skin. Underarm bra spillover.

Sidebar: Can I just say that the next salesgirl who tries to sell me one of those poor excuses for a bra (aka the “bralette”),  is in for a lecture on the importance of a really good underwire..

And there’s more…

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