An Interim Season

  A close friend and I were recently discussing our new mutual status as empty nesters and were feeling a bit sentimental as a long chapter of our lives was winding down.  Her youngest had just moved out of state for her first job after graduating. My youngest had just moved out of our house […]

The Crime That Opened my Eyes

I was recently a victim of what I would categorize as minor crime. I say minor, because I don’t want to alarm anyone or overreact or diminish victims of major crimes. Crimes where people are hurt, or killed or have their lives majorly altered. No, my experience was that of the garden variety auto vandalism […]

Facing Down the Winter Doldrums…

It’s the end of February… Spring is on its way. And yet.. the long winter months, briefly punctuated by a sunny getaway, and always the promise of warmer months to come, still get me down. I’m not typically a low energy person. I strive to stay positive by any means possible. I exercise, I get […]

When Sharing Our Pain Helps Others

  I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately to the concept of “sharing”. Specifically, in the realm of life experiences.  And more specifically, the sharing of adverse life experiences.  Case in point. I recently attended a fundraiser for a non-profit agency where the guest speaker was a recovering  addict. His story was quite compelling. […]

Recalibration…a writers lament…

Note to self: Write something dammit! So, I started a blog with the seemingly realistic goal of posting every month or so.. at first, I exceeded that with weekly ramblings that seemed to just flow through my brain to my fingers and off the keyboard into the vast beyond known as the internet.. and Middlemindblog […]

The Healing Reads

Originally posted on MiddleMindBlog:
I love to read. As a young girl I would devour books at a record pace, always feeling a little disappointed when I reached the end. In my world, a good book is a guilty pleasure, an escape, an indulgence. I load up my kindle several books at a time and often…