Treading Lightly

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more outspoken and less concerned with what others think of me. I’m more likely to share my thoughts and opinions on things; politics, current events, the economy, etc. without seeking approval from others. It’s a freeing feeling that many of us achieve around the age of 40. Some call […]

Allow Yourself The Gift of Creating

We are all creative beings.. some may be more than others, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t all driven at times to just “make something”. Something beautiful to look at, compelling to read, delicious to eat or a song to listen to. The question is, are we brave enough to silence the inner critic?  Do […]

Finding Focus in a Tech Frazzled World

A good friend and I recently met for lunch to catch up on each other’s lives. While we made our ways through our greens and grains salad bowls, The topic of technology addiction came up and we discussed some insights into what’s it’s doing to our relationships and the way we function.

The Comparison Conundrum

Awhile back, a friend posted on Facebook that an “acquaintance” sent her a photo of an overweight woman with the note; “she looks just like you! I’d love to have you join our weight loss group and will even drop off some free samples of (whatever diet product she was selling) to your home!”  Naturally, […]

An Interim Season

  A close friend and I were recently discussing our new mutual status as empty nesters and were feeling a bit sentimental as a long chapter of our lives was winding down.  Her youngest had just moved out of state for her first job after graduating. My youngest had just moved out of our house […]