The dog days of winter

Anyone who’s gone on a family road trip, whether with kids, pets or a mix of both, knows they require planning, patience and a sense of humor. I learned this years ago as a kid in a very large family. We were used to long drives packed into a retro-fitted “maxi-van” complete with a large […]

Conversational topics for the middle aged

If you’re somewhere in the “middle-aged” category and attend social events, you’re bound to notice the conversational subject matter begins to shift in certain directions as the years go by. When we were younger, people my age used to joke about “older people” discussing health issues and aching joints. We’d laugh at our parents discussing […]

A Tale of Two Book Clubs

I love to read. I suppose that’s part of why I love to write. It’s a word thing. And I’m not alone spending hours lost in a good book. In fact, I’m dedicating today’s column to book clubs everywhere. It seems like most of my friends are members of a book club. Some are in […]

Kudos to those who enter the arena

I’m a collector of quotes. I find them inspiring, thought provoking and a testament to the author’s ability to put compelling thoughts into succinct words. One of my favorite quotes is from a speech given by our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. It’s called “The man in the arena.” It’s a favorite because it speaks to […]

Do you remember?

Do You Remember? Eavesdrop on any conversation between a group of middle-aged people and it’s likely that the subject of memory will come up. Often, this is in the form of forgetting the name of a longtime acquaintance. Or the time you temporarily blanked out your destination while driving down the street – grateful that […]

Confessions of a stay at home dog mom

This one is for all the dog lovers out there. I have become one of those “dog-moms” – you may know the type. We’re the ones who talk to their pets as if they are children and thinks everything they do is photo worthy. So, if you don’t get the “pupsession”, you may want to […]

We’re gonna do a go-around

Doing a go-around. In aviation lingo, a “go-around” refers to what is basically a redo for an aborted landing attempt. This can happen for several reasons including; traffic on the runway, weather, faulty approach, landing gear issues, etc. and is a decision made by the pilot or air traffic control for the safety of all […]

Who’s in Control here?

Who’s in control here? There are few things in life that we can truly control. That’s a tough lesson for people who like to have things go just so, without a hitch and on time. And while serendipity sometimes cooperates and things work out as desired, we are never fully in control – or are […]