The Holiday Decor Dilemma


img_2006I’ve always envied those women whose homes are flawlessly and beautifully decorated for each holiday – every theme executed with seemingly effortless perfection. It starts with Halloween. Bales of hay and pumpkins on the porch. Cobwebs artfully scattered across windows, even animated characters such as witches or ghosts on the porch and tombstones in the lawn to thrill the trick or treaters.

Me? I’m just happy when it’s over and the candy is gone and I can start stressing the next holiday decor challenge.

Before you gasp in horror and think “what kind of mom hates halloween?” Let me clarify that when my kids were younger I always made the effort to put out Halloween themed decor, lots of pumpkins, some window clings with ghosts and black cats, even some yard signs with “clever” sayings “Trick or Treaters Welcome Here”. I even sewed homemade Halloween costumes. So there! And in…

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